A province in the Catalonian region and a major city of Spain known as ‘Barcelona’ has emerged as one of the best business destinations of continental Europe. The capital of Barcelona province is the Barcelona City, (the municipality region of Barcelona Province), which is home, to over one and a half million residents, and the greater Barcelona has a total population of over 4.5 million.

Half of the total inflows of visitors to Barcelona comprise business travelers and, the remaining half arrives for leisure and sightseeing. If it is about hosting business related activities and events such as seminars, conferences, functions, and meetings, ‘Barcelona’ is competent enough to give ‘Madrid’, the Spanish capital, a run for its money.

An ideal geographic location and outstanding demographical statistics of Barcelona have, proved to be a prerogative factor, in establishing its image as a major business and corporate destination. Barcelona City’s proximity to other vitally important business destinations in Europe through rail, road, air, and water transport is simply favorable. It has got the Mediterranean coastline with a busier port, a dense network of road and railways, and a hi-tech international Airport, which provides excellent logistical support to any form of business.

In between the Barcelona Free Port and the Barcelona’s Prat International Airport, lies a region called ‘Zona Franca,’ that is a strategic logistics and industrial area. There are plenty of other logistics parks, city centers, conference halls, and other ideal business event venues within a radius of 5 kilometers in that region, which is referred as, the Southern Gateway to Europe.

The transportation infrastructure of Barcelona is ‘one of the best’. The advent of super-trains, metro-trains, buses, a fast growing Airport, and biggest container port of the entire Mediterranean region, have all contributed to the transportation sector boom in Spain. Spain has got a sustainable economic growth with a consistent climb in the Gross Domestic Production. The average purchasing power of a common inhabitant in Barcelona and Catalonia region is higher than that of European average.

An average business traveler visiting the Catalonia region should not be bothered about accommodation. Barcelona city that hosted the 1992 Summer Olympic Games has had been a tourist attraction and business hub, ever since. A whopping 5 million tourists visit Barcelona every year and accommodation, language and culture has never been an issue with the visitors. The official language of the region is Catalan but business tourists can easily avail required information in their preferred language.

Nearly half of the Spanish Population is computer literate and is well-versed with internet and related applications. Barcelona is an ideal location for technology giants, because they have an access to a highly qualified and talented workforce. The foreign direct and indirect investment in the region till now has proved to be highly productive, for majority of the investors.

The Organization for Economic Growth and Development (OECD) is a group of countries, committed to help the respective governments in tackling economic, governance and social challenges. As a member of the OECD countries, Spain has proved its mettle in defining future prospects for business, trade and commerce, by investing large sums in areas like education, promotion of fair-play and business ethics.

Spain has ensured a high degree of penetration of newer and advanced technology in each and every aspect of governance and lifestyle. Barcelona is the Fifth Industrial and Sixth Metropolitan agglomeration in terms of economic and demographic representation. Barcelona has got an excellent lifestyle, culture and a value-based tradition. Moreover, the city warmly welcomes all kinds of tradition and culture to become the part of a great Spanish legacy.