One of the major business destinations of, Europe and the world is known as ‘Frankfurt,’ situated in Germany. Frankfurt is known to be a financial and business hub of continental Europe. The city of Frankfurt, which is located in the German state called ‘Hesse’, is home to biggest German Airport, and has got a futuristic skyline. Frankfurt is situated on the banks of River Main, and is famous transportation center of Europe and Germany.

The metropolis located in the heart of Germany, is dominated by the presence of banks, stock exchanges, and a variety of business establishments. The most notable fact is the presence of a premier official institution of the European Union, the ‘European Central Bank’ or ‘ECB’, in Frankfurt. This is a city, which plays a major role in defining the future of European trade and commerce.

Hi-tech halls situated near the Frankfurt airport, usually play host to some of the world’s biggest trade shows, like the Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt International Music Fair, and the Frankfurt auto show, which attract millions of visitors. The concentration of non-German residents in the city with a total population of 667,000, or the English speaking residents in Frankfurt, is over 25%, hence English is a widely spoken and understood language in Frankfurt.

Germany inherits a great legacy of thinkers, writers, and philosophers, like ‘Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,’ who has been the trailblazer, of a great revolutionary change in the European continent. The city of Frankfurt is known to host an average of 60,000 meetings, seminars, conferences, and other business events, on an annual basis.

The city is equipped with one of the Europe’s most well-developed, hi-tech, and advanced airport named ‘Frankfurt International Airport’. The Frankfurt International Airport is second only to the ‘London-Heathrow International Airport’ in terms of number of passenger transits.

The city of Frankfurt is well connected to all major business destinations of the world through all known modes of transportation. The main train station at Frankfurt that is known as the ‘Frankfurt Central Station,’ is capable of transporting 350,000 passengers on a daily basis, and is one of Europe’s busiest Railway Stations.

The city has got a lot to offer for all the business visitors, in terms of accommodation and transportation facilities. On an Annual basis Frankfurt is capable of hosting more than 100 large scale business events. ‘Messes’, Frankfurt is a home to 11 major business event halls that are known to host a variety of events and over 40 congresses.

The city of Frankfurt is known to contain more than 200 business hotels that have total capacity of 33,000 beds, an interesting statistic to know about. Frankfurt is hosting the World Wide ‘Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meetings, and Events, (denoted by ‘IMEX’) every year. Inter European travelling is on a major spree, since a decade or so, because of advancements in technology and better travelling options like the ‘Eurostar’ rapid railway transit system.

The City of Frankfurt has got an amazing skyline that is reflected on the waters of River Main, and the ‘Commerzbank Tower’ designed by Norman Foster, is known to be the tallest skyscraper of Europe. Frankfurt, a prominent European business city, which is home to some of the major banks, stock exchange, and financial institutions, is all set to reach new heights in the coming times.