A major European business destination, Paris, is home to some of world’s most successful business organisations. Paris is a host to more than 100,000 business exhibitions and over 400 trade-shows and small business events. Paris is visited by 10.5 million business tourists every year. Trade fairs and trade shows have become synonymous, as far as Paris is concerned.

Mega business events like trade shows, auto shows, road shows and business promotions are some of the regular activities that Paris has to offer. Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE), chose Paris as the venue for their global conference held in the year 2011. The proximity of London to Paris is such that, one may travel the distance between the two cities in just fifteen minutes travelling in, the Eurostar transit system.

France, with an annual influx of 78.95 million tourists is second to none, and is followed by United States. The business tourism in Paris has witnessed new boom with the advent of newer form of technologies like cloud computing, mobile web applications, widespread computer awareness and extensive network coverage. The Paris-France Regional Tourism committee has something special for its tradeshow visitors in terms of free gifts and goodies.

The tourism committee offers a prescheduled cultural events and trade show calendar along with many other free services integrated in a welcome pack, which is exclusively designed for the business tourists. Paris is known to be world’s fashion capital and it attracts huge volume of fashion-freaks participating in, a variety of fashion fiestas.

Fashion has evolved as a very promising and yield-generating business over the years, and Paris has been successful in attaining the status of, a ‘happening’ place in the fashion world. Paris might be holding at least ten thousand ‘fashion-shows’ in a year, which include designs from some of the most renowned fashion designers and fashion icons. The business tourism in Paris is not confined to Fashion Industry and extends much beyond that.

Slightly more than 3% of the gross domestic production of the Ile-de-France region is, spent on research and development. A substantial amount of 14.5 billion Euros is spent on 135,000 researchers and technicians, apart from huge portions of money spent on infrastructure and maintenance. All this expenditure helps in building reputation of the city as, a seriously intended and highly motivated business fraternity, which is interested in overall growth and development of the society as a whole.