The European Chamber of Commerce Taipei (ECCT) is the prime institute in Taiwan, which represents several organizations that work in European business interest. Through formulating position papers and lobbying government, ECCT makes sure that the European agenda always remain on the priority list of government. Besides this, the extremely close working relation of ECCT with European Commission enhances the strength of Taiwan’s influence in Europe. Besides this, the ECCT also promotes important social and cultural focus or European community in Taiwan. The key objectives of European Chamber of Commerce, TAIPEI are explained as follow-

  • To offer a platform that facilitates exchange among the different members and provides new opportunities for investment and trade in Republic of China.
  • To represent every member of Chamber, considering the proposals related with the interest of European commerce, while keeping mutual understanding with Republic of China.
  • To take part in generous and welfare activities conducted across European nations in association with Republic of China.
  • To encourage investment and trade among the chamber members and to take part in activities conducted by commercial organizations associated with Republic of China.
  • To observe and expand European-Taiwanese business markets and to offer advisory services to chamber members.

While giving due focus on above objectives, ECCT offers following services to its members-

Information & Communication: Apart from telephonic and email communication, ECCT distributes a bi-monthly magazine and bi-weekly Newsflash to its members without charging any fees. This keeps every member of chamber to know about the ECCT events, social activities and schedules as well as economic, regulatory and legislative issues.

Government Engagement Platform: ECCT plays vital role in facilitating the business interest of European commerce through handling various business issues like labor standard law, entry-exit regulations and tax reforms.

Networking & Business Opportunities: Every year, ECCT supports more than 28 industries and around 200 businesses as well as social activities. ECCT members can avail enough opportunities to exchange views and communicate with their peer members on business issues.

Social & Community Activities : ECCT also offers multiple opportunities to members so that they can participate in social activities such as golf tournaments and wine-testing dinners.